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We need to know who else is on that list. You mean, you need to know if you’re on the list. If someone’s coming to take my head off, then, yeah, I’d like to know.

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Brian&Justin + hugs from behind

Then I knew why Debbie calls you sunshine. —Brian
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Sunshine, you turn my darkness to light


Murder, He Wrote by mklutz {}

Stiles can’t help but trace the line from Derek’s broad shoulders to his waist as he walks away. Derek Hale was five-odd years older than Stiles, gorgeous and soft-voiced and totally out of Stiles’ league. Frankly, he was probably out of everyone’s league. What Derek was doing working as a deputy in a small town was something of a mystery.

“You going to gawp at my deputy all day or are you going to inappropriately tag along on a police investigation?” his dad asks, tapping him on the back of the head.

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"I never thought we’d get here."
“To your room? From the coffee shop?”
“No, dumbass, here, you, me, in my bedroom… No threats of violence on the horizon.”
“There’s always tomorrow.”
“Ever the optimist.”
“I try.”
“I know you do, at everything. It’s terribly endearing.”
“Gee, thanks.”
“God— You make me nuts, man. I’m trying to have a moment and you’re ruining it with your stupid attempts at being funny.”
“I’m funny to someone with a sense of humour.”
“You’re really not, but you make me laugh any way. I’m— I’m glad you’re here, that we’re here.”
“Me too.”
“You should put that book down.”
“Because I’m gonna kiss you, I think.”
“You think?”
“Shut up! You’re so aggravating, I don’t know why I love you.”
“You…I’m gonna put the book down.”
“And vault out the window?”
“No, I’m gonna kiss you back. If you ever get around to doing it.”
“Bossy, bossy, sheesh.”
“Stiles, I… I love you, too.”

(Fic written by Amy Rose)

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“Aren’t you Dauntless?”

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‘Teen Wolf’ Star Dylan O’Brien Will Definitely Be Your New Crush After You See Him In ‘The Maze Runner’ —

New crush? HA HAAAAA. Yeah. That ship sailed a LONG time ago.


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It’s okay.

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